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Our Services

We perform a comprehensive check-up for our first time patients, and we explain everything that we notice or suspect with the aid of our intra oral digital x-ray and oral camera. We then provide a treatment plan with the patient and their family if they are accompanied. 

Let's save a tooth

To prevent gum diseases, we do thorough cleaningpolishing and if required, root planningTooth colored fillings can be proposed in case of tooth decay ( we are an amalgam free practice).

In case the decay is extensive, that is, to the pulp chamber, we perform root canal treatments. If it is just above the chamber, capping is done to protect the pulp.

If a root canal treated tooth happens to break since they become brittle, we can attempt to save it by methods of reconstruction using bio compatible materials like glass fibre posts and dentocore material. A Ceramic crown can be placed on top of it for a better finish.

However ,if a tooth cannot be saved, we recommend extraction. Following an extraction, we highly recommend the replacement of the said tooth so that your oral health is optimal.