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Tooth filling

Tooth filling is a way to replace lost tooth structure either through decay or simply when it is broken. 


Dental caries is a progressive bacterial damage to teeth exposed to the saliva. Caries is one of the most common of all diseases and still a major cause of loss of teeth. The ultimate effect of caries is to break down enamel and dentine and thus open a path for bacteria to reach the pulp. 

Dental Caries is multifactorial : cariogenic (acidogenic) bacteria, bacterial plaque, stagnation areas, fermentable bacterial substrate (sugar – broken down from carbohydrates or food substance) and susceptible tooth surfaces.

How to reduce decay :

  1. to reduce intake of cariogenic sugars particularly sucrose
  2. Reduce strep mutans numbers by reduction in sugar intake
  3. Reduce frequent sucrose (snacking) or stimulate salivary flow and sugar clearance
  4. Water and other types of fluoridation 
  5. Prevention during post eruptive maturation
  6. Fissure sealing
  7. Properly contoured restorations.
  8. Brushing and flossing is imperative