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Tooth cleaning and polishing

Scaling and polishing and root planning gives you the fresh breath and confidence we all aspire to have. Through this procedure , the dentist will remove stains if any, stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes and whatever we ingest. Moreover, between teeth we tend to accumulate food debris which becomes calculus after a while.


Gum disease causes unwanted bacteria to accumulate and this causes bad breath, bleeding of the gums and bone loss.

If it is not treated in a timely manner the disease may advance or will lead to Periodontis. So when calculus is not removed the gums start to get inflamed and bleed. When this happens slowly the gums start to recede and the bone that supports the root of the teeth begin to shrink causing bone loss. This will cause pockets around the teeth and bacteria will grow easily and proliferate.

7 out of 10 adults suffer from gum problems. Treatment done early can save your teeth . As periodontitis gets worse , the tooth can become mobile and then unfortunately you will have to have them extracted and ultimately it will cost you more to replace through implants or bridges.