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Dentures can be of many types, you may get more info at our dental practice .

Dentures do not necessarily need to be complete set of teeth but we also have partial dentures to replace one or more teeth in one jaw.


New advancement in dentistry provide all sorts of prosthesis which make it somewhat more comfortable like thermoplastic dentures or stellite dentures.


However you must not forget they are removable ones and your natural teeth and the plastic teeth are not comparable. They might look the same but not feel the same.


Depending on cases usually denture appointment may be two sitting or sometimes we need try-ins before finally handing the apparatus to the patient.


Dentures take some time to get used to. Think of it as a custom made shoe , you might feel some pinching , hence we will need to do adjustments, because they are relying on gums for support and adjacent tooth structures. They are fairly cheaper than the crowns .